Curate Your Business Highlights

If you could tell only 3-8 facts about your company to make them want to invest, what would they be?


What’s the purpose of your business highlights?

Your highlights are a tl;dr of your campaign (Too Long; Didn’t Read).
Your goal is to show investors that your company has what it takes to succeed.
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Length 100 characters maximum per highlight

What to include in your highlights


Have you built something people want? → Include at least 2-3 traction highlights (even if you’re pre-revenue). What’s your best proof that you can execute? → Include 1-2 highlights about your team’s unfair advantages. Why now? → Include your best evidence that the opportunity is real. What makes your company special? → This could be product differentiation, intellectual property, notable partnerships, a moonshot mission, a strong community, a memorable founding story, or any other facts that have elicited people’s excitement.


Ways To Highlight Traction

5 ways you can present highlights on your traction (in order of most to least powerful):


  1. Growth Highlights

    • $3M run rate in just 5 months, growing 20% MoM
    • Doubled investment volume and revenue each year since 2018
    • $1.52m revenue run rate with 387% average annual growth rate
  2. Revenue Highlights

    • $10M in revenue booked in 2021
    • $12M cumulative revenue, GAAP profitable last year, bootstrapped until now
  3. Retention Highlights

    • Astonishing 96% repeat clients rate
    • Industry-leading retention rate of 60% annually
    • Direct-to-consumer sales boast a 84% returning customer rate
  4. Customer Highlights

    • The average power-user works 38+ hrs each week using [Company]!
    • 18 million+ [Company] [Product line] delivered globally
  5. Social Proof Highlights


    • Partnership with Facebook, HTC, & Microsoft, rolling out to millions of AR/VR users!
    • Featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, PopSugar, Business Insider & Fast Company
    • “A genius device.” -Forbes
    • Backed by venture capital firm [Capital Firm Name] whose LPs include [Bill Gates] and [Jeff Bezos]



Ways To Highlight Your Team 

4 ways you can present highlights on your team (in order of most to least powerful):

  1. What gives your team an unfair advantage in this space?


    • Previous exits from the founding team
    • Unique expertise on the problem
    • Blue-chip brands in team’s past experience
  2. Previous Successes


    • CEO previously built $100M co without VC capital
    • CEO sold last company [Company Name] to Amazon & has scaled companies to 1 billion users
  3. Unique Expertise


    • We’re a team of world leading experts in gene editing, immunotherapy, and veterinary oncology.
    • Co-founder is a clinical herbalist, adaptogen expert, & was Sr Herb Buyer @ Celestial Seasonings.
  4. Blue Chip Name Dropping


    • Team from Google, Microsoft, YC, & top Andreessen-Horowitz-backed startups.
    • World-class leadership team from Apple, Tesla, Nike, Intel & IDEO
    • Founding team are MIT, Syracuse and Carnegie-Mellon alum


Other Highlight Ideaws

5 more ways you can present highlights on your company:

  1. Future Growth 

    • Launching in Europe in fall of 2022
    • Operating in 5 states currently; expected to launch in 12 states by 2023
  2. Market Expertise

    • Market leader. 40% market share in [Industry] over 2022.
  3. Mission Driven

    • Zero waste warehouse, 100% solar powered manufacturing, 100% sustainable supply chain.
    • 1,236 lbs of ocean plastic retrieved via [Company Name] plastic-neutral partnership.
    • Public Benefit Corp for sustainable supply chain, compostable packaging, & changing lives.
  4. “About The Product”

    • Users have 5 virtual screens + a virtual whiteboard in a distraction-free private virtual office!
    • Certified organic products with zero sugar and no artificial flavors or impurities.
    • World’s first mind-controlled arm restores basic sense of touch AND individual finger control.
  5. Market Size

    • Total Addressable Market (TAM) of $173B and 53M adults in the US alone.
    • Taking on the $465B global coffee market; featured in Bon Appetit & Rolling Stone as leading coffee alternative.
    • Positioned to disrupt the fast-growing $800B physical disability market.