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CrowdFunding Marketing Compliance

Communication best practices for companies raising under Regulation Crowdfunding Our colleagues at CrowdCheck.com truly understand the complexities and nuances of staying compliant for fundraising. We frequently recommend their services, and are pleased to share their...

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The Problem That Does Not Exist

It’s not about the number of investors you have. It’s the terms that matter. It is not uncommon for founders to get advice that includes, “Don’t let a lot of investors on your cap table.”...

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Why Campaigns Fail: Pitfalls to Avoid

10 Pitfalls to Avoid with your Crowdfunding Campaign Many crowdfunding campaigns miss their target. Inadequate preparation, unrealistic funding goals, and too small of a crowd are just three of the reasons why investment crowdfunding campaigns...

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How do I connect a bank account?2022-07-25T14:51:17-05:00

This link provides helpful instructions for connecting your bank account to fund your pledge.

How to Connect A Bank Account
What does the onboarding fee cover?2022-03-02T23:37:46-06:00

Our $1000 onboarding fee covers:

+ private portal landing page (can now use your own domain!)

+ bank escrow account

+ unlimited disbursements once you hit your minimum goal

+ first years investor tax documents (K1’s or 1099s)

+ up to 10 hours consulting/coaching with our entire team

Then we collect a commission on funds as they are disbursed, 5% on the first M, 4% on second, 3% thereafter up to $10M then it drops to 1%.

Can an Investor send (the issuer) a check to open their account?2022-03-02T22:49:23-06:00

Investors absolutely cannot send the issuer a check.

They can send a check to an offering C/O Silicon Prairie via the instructions in the portal if they select “check.”

Verifying accredited investor status2022-03-02T22:45:25-06:00

The portal allows investors to self-certify as accredited.

Depending on the type of offering you are using to raise funds, it may be the case that you need to verify your investors are, in fact, accredited investors.

  • Under REG-D 506C, yes — it’s always on the issuer to verify accredited investor status. We have seen issuers use the service available at verifyinvestor.com and parallelmarkets.com
  • “The company raising money has to verify that their investors are truly accredited investors.  A simple questionnaire is not sufficient – instead, companies must take further “reasonable steps” to prove their investors are accredited investors. Failure to comply is a violation of federal laws and may subject the company to enforcement action and the obligation to return money raised.” https://www.verifyinvestor.com/faq/what-is-jobs_act
  • Reg-CF, reg-d 504 and intrastates:, No requirement.

506B: “maybe”

Will I receive investor contact information?2022-03-02T22:42:37-06:00

You have access to your offering’s investor contact information via your ISSUER DASHBOARD.

Typical cost for legal services2022-03-02T22:41:36-06:00

It varies depending on how much you already have assembled (business plan, financials, use of funds etc)

AND if the attorney uses our Geppetto smart document system.

We have seen fees range from as little as $1,000 on up to as much as $15,000 especially if you want to argue with them ;-)

Average comes in between $2,000 and $5,000 and some are willing/able to defer the bulk of their fee’s until your break escrow.

Do I need a securities attorney…2022-03-02T23:37:30-06:00

…prior to the raise, or within 30 days of acceptance of investment?

The attorney is the party who will draft your offering memorandum and is required prior to going live — the FORM-C will need to be filed in the SEC’s EDGAR database prior to being allowed to solicit and accept actual funds.

You can of course start with a “Test the Waters” landing page on portal while your final offering is being compiled.

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