Your Pitch Video

Your pitch video is the first and best way to introduce yourself, the founder, so that investor get to know, like, and trust you.

What’s the purpose of your pitch video?

Your video will show (not just tell) your investors exactly who you are, what your company does, and where you’re going in the future.

Who are the human faces (yours and others) behind the product?
Length 1–3 minutes

Resolution 1080p or higher

Format: YouTube or Vimeo hosted embed code

Use your video to clearly show who you are as a founder, while pitching the investment opportunity.

Shoot your pitch in an intentional location.

Instead of sitting in any random spot and pointing your webcam at it, set up a tripod with your iPhone or camera and record yourself somewhere meaningful.

What should you cover in your video?

Example: Doordash’s YC 2013 Application (Video Transcript)

If you’re short on time, simply record yourself walking through your pitch deck, as if you were pitching your investors live. Keep it simple — let investors hear you talk about your company instead of a stock image roll or cartoon animation.

If you’re really short on time Just speak into your phone or webcam as if you’re pitching a room of investors on a Demo Day. Paint a clear picture of exactly what your company does and why it matters, using simple words and eye contact.

If you’re willing to take more time to edit your video, supplement your pitch with footage that shows investors unique aspects of your company that aren’t featured elsewhere on your campaign page.

Splice in extra footage

People love to see behind the scenes.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Customers’ video testimonials
  2. Press clips or interviews
  3. B-roll from events you’ve thrown (if you’re community-centric)
  4. B-roll in your restaurant, store, warehouse, or office
  5. Footage of your product being made
  6. A clear product demo video
  7. Your team members talking about your mission

Be ruthless in editing. Don’t include anything that doesn’t add something to your investor’s understanding of your business.

Caption your video

We strongly recommend adding captions to your video. Studies show that anywhere from 60% to over 90% of people watch videos without sound.

Captions also make videos accessible for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Your campaign video gives you a chance to build a human connection with your investors in just a few minutes.

It’s also a unique opportunity to immerse investors in your company. If you’re building a physical product, showcase it in your video. If you’re building a physical space, give us a tour.

But no matter what you’re building or how much resource you can dedicate to your video, the most important part of your video is you—the founder.

If your video is just you and your co-founders pitching directly to the camera, you’ll do just fine. If you add all the bells and whistles, you’ll do great as well—just don’t skimp on the fundamentals.

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